• Respirator Fit Testing FAQ

    What is an N95 Respirator

    • A device that has met legislated standards and has been designated to protect the wearer from respiratory hazards in the workplace​.
    • Approved for use by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in the U.S.).​
  • A surgical mask is not a respirator
  • Respirators with an exhalation valve cannot be used for sterile procedures​
  • When do I need to wear an N95 respirator?

    Why do I need to be fit tested

    • 504 Gateway Time-out

    502 Bad Gateway

    Can I be fit tested if I have a beard?

    • No.  504 Gateway Time-out

    What happens if I can't be fit tested?

    When should fit testing be repeated?

    • Every two years
    • When a satisfactory fit test has not been achieved

    ​​For more information regarding fit testing and usage of respirators an N95 Respirator User Fact Sheet​ is available.

    Other information related to Respirator Usage

    Disposable Face Mask Information (an explanation of the different respirator codes).

    Respirator and Surgical Mask Comparison (3M Company).


     (3M Company).

    For more information please contact: 

    Dave Vadnais

    Laboratory Safety Coordinator/Biosafety Officer 

    Faculty of Arts and Science

    Nipissing University 

    (705) 474-3450 ext. 4180